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SEPTEMBER 30th 2011

------- Thank you all for attending -------

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Times, People & Places performing Karl Blau songs


12:00 -- Genevieve and Karl post their video performing "Don't Give Up" by Peter Gabriel via YouTube from Anacortes, WA /  
12:15 -- Gift Machine video "Wrong Stuff" YouTube via Carlsbad, CA
12:30 -- Little Wings video for "Crashing Waves" YouTube via San Francisco, CA
1:00 -- Your Heart Breaks
1:30 -- Amigo posts video of "Won't You Come Along"

2:00 -- Kevin Erickson mp3 of "Runnin' Game"
2:30 -- reading of www.karlblau.com from 2:30 to 4am on http://www.ustream.tv/broadcaster/9424791

3:00 -- (cont.)
-- (cont.)
4:00 -- DJ Noggin--http://turntablearchives.com/trackaday on radio KEOS Bryan, TX
6:00 --
Jay Toole performs "Stream of Ganders, Mockingbird Diet" and "Who you Hurtin?(Karl Blau lyrics from karlblau.com, Jay Toole music) " somewhere on the Portobello Road, West London,
6:30 -- Urban Outfitters performs "Runnin' Game" via YouTube/ Washington, D.C.
-- Shay Roselip "Make Love that Lasts" Eugene, OR/Facebook
7:30 -- Eddy Blau "Crashing Waves" from Clear Lake, WA posted on Facebook Round-The-World Song Relay Wall
0 -- Andrew Geary plays "Slow Down Joe" to 3 & 4 year olds at Providence, RI
8:30 -- Mark Deutsch sings to I-880 from the sidewalk of 8th Street, Oakland, CA
-- Tune-Yards - en route from Bloomington, IN to Nashville, TN
9:30 -- Jessica Bonin "Gentle Reminder" Edison, WA
10:00 -- Shay Roselip "Slow Children" Eugene OR Waldorf School
10:30 -- Nate Ashley posts "In The Way of Grey", Portland, OR
11:00 -- SILM plays "Ode To Demons" from a Secret Room
-- Kelly Wyckoff sings "Dark Sedan," from The Wrong Side of the Tracks in Sedro Woolley, WA

12:00 -- Jonas Haskins - on his front stoop @ Latona Ave, NE Seattle
12:30 -- Tom Cober "The Silence Is Listening"
1:00 -- Eli Moore and Ashley Eriksson perform "That's The Breaks" at the Bayview Hall, Langley, WA
1:30 -- Erin Tanner "Make Love That Lasts" visual interpretation
2:00 --
2:15 -- LETTERS "An Emptiness", Olympia, WA
2:30 -- Doug Cassidy youtube "That Toad" from Rexville, WA
3:00 --
Bret Lunsford performs "Thorns" from inside a blackberry patch on Fidalgo Island
3:30 -- Iji, aka Zach Burba performs "Into the Nada" in Kansas City, MO / John Van Deusen's "Into The Nada" cover
3:33 -- Ohioan preforms "Into the Nada" Portland
3:34 -- Ben Starner "Two Becomes 1" for solo, Anacortes, WA
4:00 -- DJ Noggin--http://turntablearchives.com/trackaday Bryan, TX    /      Oliver White, Nashville street corner
4:30 -- John Van Deusen (Lonely Forest) version of "Into The Nada"
5:00 -- David Jaberi posts "2 Becomes 1" via Facebook from Oakland
5:06 -- MegaBog (Erin Birgy) performs "100,022" from on tour (Kansas City, MO?)
5:30 -- Alexander Clark Video
6:00 -- Nate Ashley "Water Goes Round" video from Portland, OR
6:30 -- Memory Boys "Dragon Song" from Portland, OR
-- Mako Hasegawa sings "Ode to Ocean", via an upload to soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/mako-hasegawa and facebook, Tokyo, Japan
7:30 -- No Kids playing "Use Your Words" at Russian Recording, Bloomington, IN /  Eddy Blau sings "Crashing Waves"
8:00 -- Kat Darger "Triangulation," at her house in Olympia, WA /         Kinsey Matthews performs "Down In You Go" and "Vultures" in the woods behind his house, Hampden, Maryland
8:30 -- Spencer Sult (Generifus) live at the Guest House, Olympia, WA via UStream / Sid Olson singing Tom T. Hall's "That's How I Got To Memphis" in a Blau style
-- Kat Darger "Mezmariah", Spencer Sult "Dragon Song", Mount Eerie at Russian Recording, Bloomington, IN
9:30 -- 1985 live stream from Hollow Earth Radio, southern tip of Vashon Island
-- Kat Darger "Moon Man", Benjamin Paris plays a Blau song at a show in Tacoma, WA
10:30 -- open mic, from 10:30 to midnight, hosted in Karl's back yard, ustream
-- (sometime around here)Briana Marela Lizárraga performs "Dark Sedan" at this concert in Olympia, WA
11:30 -- Solvents "Before Telling Dragons" from picturesque Port Townsend, WA /
12:00 --
Laburlak sings "Slow Down Joe" from Olympia, WA

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Times TBA:

Solvents, the Young Family Band and more...